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Advisory: Social Dogs Should Get Flu Vaccine

Post Date:06/13/2017 9:16 AM
June 13, 2017

Patti Jett
Public Affairs Coordinator
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Advisory: Social Dogs Should Get Flu Vaccine

Based on a report issued by the Texas A&M Veterinary Medical Diagnostic Lab, the City of Baytown Health Department recommends area dog owners contact their local veterinarian to ask about vaccinating their dog for Canine Influenza (CIF).
The virus can be spread from dog to dog, contaminated food bowls and contaminated surfaces. However, the risk of any dog being exposed to the canine influenza virus depends on that dog’s lifestyle. Dogs that are frequently or regularly exposed to other dogs – for example at boarding or day care facilities, dog parks, grooming salons, or social events with other dogs present – are at greater risk of coming into contact with the virus. Also, as with other infectious diseases, extra precautions may be needed with puppies, elderly or pregnant dogs, and dogs that are immunocompromised. Dog owners should talk with their veterinarian to assess their dog’s risk.
 “Virtually all dogs exposed become infected with the virus," experts at the Texas A&M laboratory said, but not all dogs show symptoms. The report said approximately 80 percent of dogs infected with the virus show symptoms such as high fever, loss of appetite, coughing, nasal discharge and lethargy.
Texas A&M’s Veterinary Medical Diagnostic Laboratory is monitoring several cases of canine influenza across the state, including two in Harris County. 
What can you do to protect your pet? The City recommends dog owners contact their veterinarian to ask about vaccinating their furry friends against both strains of dog flu: H3N8 and H3N2. To date, there is no evidence of transmission of canine influenza virus from dogs to people.
The report can be found here -