Lincoln Cedars & Julie Ann Villa Drainage Improvements

Improve the drainage in the Lincoln Cedars and Julie Ann Village areas, which was impacted severely in Hurricane Harvey. The Lincoln Cedars area improvements will include improved underground drainage and paving improvements. The Julie Anne Villa area improvements will include a targeted area for improved underground drainage, a new drainage outfall, paving improvements and re-grading of an additional open ditch outfall.

This area of the City has flooded during most storm events and has been identified as a critical area for storm sewer system improvements. The drainage improvements target older isolated subdivisions where significant flooding has occurred to be a catalyst to future long term recovery efforts and will mitigate the impacts of future extreme storm events. The health and safety of residents, viability and sustainability of the community and comprehensive mitigation measures are the focus of these improvements. The project has been funded by CDBG-DR funds administered via the General Land Office.

Project Status: Construction

2022-25 Capital Improvement Plan Baytown Map