Office of Emergency Management (OEM)


To build and sustain city and community capabilities through a comprehensive Emergency Management program of preparedness, response, recovery, and mitigation.


A Disaster Resilient Baytown Community.


The Baytown OEM accomplishes its mission and vision through the following strategies:

  • Planning the City's response to major disasters and coordinating these plans with industry, business, and residents;
  • Hosting training courses for city employees, residents, and private sector partners to build capabilities;
  • Conducting exercise and drills through simulated disasters and incidents;
  • Responding to incidents and activating the EOC as part of the City's emergency services;
  • Notifying the public of immediate threats using the City's warning and alert systems;
  • Promoting emergency preparedness for the whole community.

Emergency Operations Center

Bernard C Olive EOCThe "Bernard C. Olive Jr." Emergency Operations Center (EOC) is a facility that supports effective coordination, communication, and situational awareness during major emergencies, natural disasters, and catastrophic incidents. The EOC facilitates a coordinated multi-agency response including city departments, response agencies, recovery partners, and private sector organizations assigned specific emergency functions and responsibilities.

The Baytown EOC is dedicated in memory and honor of the former Emergency Management Coordinator (EMC) and Assistant Fire Chief Bernard C. Olive, Jr.