Operations Section


The mission of the Operations Section is to provide high quality, high value emergency and non-emergency services in a prompt, professional, compassionate manner and provide public education on fire and life safety issues.


Emergency Response Division personnel provide the following services to the citizens and visitors of Baytown:

  • Fire and life safety educationLife Flight Scene
  • Fire suppression
  • Emergency medical services
  • Homeland security preparation and response
  • Hazardous materials responses
  • Technical rescue services
  • Water rescue services
  • Variety of other emergency and non-emergency services


The responsibility of the Operations Section is to utilize the Department's human resources to deliver a wide variety of emergency and non-emergency services. Assistant Fire Chief Victor Medrano leads the Fire Department's Operations Section. Fire suppression and EMS operations are carried out in three battalions with personnel working a 48-hour on and 96-hour off schedule with a Commander assigned to each battalion. The Commanders hold the rank of Battalion Chief:

  • Battalion Chief Robert McKay is the Commander for Battalion-A   
  • Battalion Chief Patrick Mahoney is the Commander for Battalion-B
  • Battalion Chief Ryan Tucker is the Commander for Battalion-C


The City of Baytown is organized into seven (7) fire districts along with five (5) medical districts. The Emergency Response Division is comprised of 153 uniformed firefighters operating out of:Engine and Ambulance

  • Seven (7) fire stations with seven (7) engines
  • Five (5) M.I.C.U. ambulances
  • One (1) Aerial Tower

The division provides fire protection, Advanced Life Support, and medical first responder service to over eighty thousand citizens with a service coverage area of over 36 square miles within the City of Baytown. The division also provides fire protection and EMS response to the Emergency Services District #75 and Improvement Districts in West Chambers County. 

The Operations Section also operates four Special Operations Units; a Regional Hazardous Materials Response Team, a Regional Technical Rescue Team, a Marine land-based firefighting team, and a Wildland Task Force with each operation having their own specialized response apparatus and equipment.


For 2020, the operations section responded to 12,623 emergency calls for service with EMS related incidents accounting for 80%. As of the end of July 2021, personnel have responded to  8,390 calls for service.

Fire Department Response Districts