Wade into Wetlands Summer Science Camps 2021

Baytown Nature Center: $75/camp

1st-3rd Grades 8am-12pm

  • June 14-18 Young Naturalists: Spend the week becoming a naturalist!  Go birding and fishing, learn how to identify insects, fish, and plants, and have a great time learning about our environment.
  • June 28-July 2 Spiders, Slugs, and Really Cool BugsCampers will explore the wonderful world of insects. What is a bug? What is an insect? What do they eat? Join us for a week of collecting and identifying the smallest inhabitants of the Nature Center.

4th-6th Grades 6-10pm

  • June 21-25 June Bugs: Do wasps sleep? Why do June bugs act so crazy? Are all moths brown? Enjoy a week of camp when the nocturnal insects wake up. Learn about different insects and bugs through baiting and collection.
  • July 12-16 Night Owls: We all know the early bird gets the worm, but what do Night Owls get? They get a week of birding fun! Learn about prehistoric birds and what they have in common with today’s avians. Add to your bird list, or start a new one as we learn about the birds that call Baytown home.

7-th-10th Grades 6-10pm

  • July 19-23 Eco-Warriors: Do wonder how you can help the Earth and protect the environment? This week of camp offers solutions to environmental issues our community faces each day.  Campers will learn leadership skills and how to protect our environment though fun conservation competitions!

Eddie V. Gray Wetlands Center: Cost $150/camp 8am-4pm

1st - 3rd Grades 

  • June 21-25  Eggstraordinary: What do birds, reptiles, insects, fish, platypus, and echidna have in common?  They all come from eggs of course!  Come learn about the dramatic changes occurring inside these eggs as we hatch critters during this week of egg-straordinary fun!
  • July 12-16 Music Makers: Do you move to the beat of your own drum?  Join our nature band and learn to make music with instruments made from natural materials found outside.  End the week with a special concert composed and performed by you!
  • August 2-6 Under the Sea: Dive into the beautiful underwater world of the sea and learn about the animals that call it home.  Explore the ocean while learning about marine animals and challenges to their saltwater homes.

4th-6th Grades

  • June 7-11 Weird Science: Are you intrigued by the  amazing and sometimes creepy world of science?  Spend a week exploring our world as we learn about bacteria, carnivorous plants, and more!
  • June 28– July 2 Fishing Frenzy: Grab a pole and some bait! We’re going fishing. Learn fish biology, techniques, sportsmanship, ethics and safety. Campers earn a TPWD Angler pin by attending this camp.
  • July 19-23 Wild for Survival: Birds, Reptiles, Mammals, Oh, My! Learn about different features that make each individual animal special. Why do some animals fly and others swim? Join us for a week of discovery!
  • August 9-13 Splash!Water is the most magical substance on earth. Join us as we discover water’s properties and how it makes life on earth possible in this week long exploration of water! 

7th-10th Grades

  • June 14-18 Meet the Beasts: Want to meet some cool animals? This camp is for you! Learn about conservation and management of wildlife and why our beasts are so important! Try your hand at caring for some of the Wetlands Center wildlife and meet some new critter friends along the way!
  • July 6-9 Summer Camp’s Greatest Hits: What do you get when you bundle all of your favorite camp activities? The best camp ever! Join us for a week of cardboard boat building, kayaking, camping, and more! Due to the overnight campout, this camp will meet Tuesday and Wednesday from 8am-4pm and Thursday through Friday from 12pm-12pm. 
  • July 26-30 Water WarsDiscover the scarcest natural resource on the earth in this week long look at water.  Where do we find it? How do we move it? Who owns it? Join us as we learn the answers to these important questions through hands on games and competitions!
Summer Campers learning about decomposers in Camp Roly Poly.
Science Campers learn how to attract and identify moths in Night Shift Camp.
Campers enjoy a hike in Young Naturalists camp.
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