Vendor Application

If you are interested in becoming a Grito Fest Vendor, please:

  1. Download the Grito Vendor Packet Information Read it carefully, before you submit your application.
  2. Submit the appropriate application:

The vetting of applications is conducted by the Baytown Parks and Recreation Department, and depending on when you submit your application it may take up to 5 days to receive a response. Admittance to the Grito Fest is subject to the approval of the Vendor Application by Baytown Parks and Recreation, along with the signed application, Certificate of Liability Insurance, and any and all required permits and/or licenses.

Please thoroughly read the Grito Vendor Packet Information before submitting the Vendor Application for approval.

While we don’t require it because we are city property and have our own permits, you are responsible for having any licenses and/or permits that you may feel your product requires you to have. Example: Sales and Tax Use Permit, Food Manufacturer's License, Scale and Balance Permit, Perishable Commodities License, Etc.