Can I look up my utility billing account on this website?

You will need to register on the Utility Service payment portal to have access to view your bill on this website.

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1. Can I pay my bill at any other location?
2. Do you accept credit cards by internet or phone?
3. Do you charge a late fee?
4. Do you offer payments by bank draft?
5. Do you send a notice before water is disconnected for non-payment?
6. How much is the deposit?
7. Is my payment posted to my account the same day it is received?
8. Is there a charge for transfer of service?
9. What are my payment options?
10. What determines the amount on my utility water bill?
11. What if I cannot pay my bill? Is there a place in Baytown that will provide assistance?
12. What is the MDUS fee on my bill?
13. What will I need to pay if my water is disconnected for non-payment?
14. When am I charged a $50.00 delinquent fee?
15. When can I make a payment arrangement?
16. When payments are mailed or paid online, when is the payment applied to my account?
17. When will I get my deposit back?
18. Why is my bill so high?
19. Can I look up my utility billing account on this website?
20. Do you have a driver through window or a night deposit box?
21. How can they read my meter when it's full of water or has grass grown over it?
22. How do you figure the sewer charge?
23. How is the meter read and when?
24. Is the water tested?
25. Where does our water come from?
26. Why are the payments mailed to a post office box in Houston?
27. How do I check for a leak?
28. What are the most common causes of a leak?
29. What is the mailing address for payments?
30. What is your fax number?