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The Pelly and Wooster Project

Post Date:06/26/2018 3:29 PM

June 26, 2018

Patti Jett                                                                                                    
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The Pelly and Wooster Project

The City of Baytown is currently increasing its presence on social media with the introduction of a City of Baytown Instagram account. As part of the plan, community input will play a significant part in the development of the “Pelly and Wooster project.” The project is part of the City’s community-driven communication plan to connect with younger residents. 

Amariss Alaniz, a summer intern with the City’s Communication Division will be heading up the project, which will use two plush blue herons – representative of the City’s logo, and aptly named “Pelly” and “Wooster” – to engage the community in activities, events and locations in Baytown. Along with Amariss, the two herons will explore our city, experiencing and sharing the true charm of Baytown. For those who may not be familiar with the City’s history, Pelly and Wooster were two of the communities that made up present day Baytown.

“An engaged community is the main purpose here,” said Alaniz. “Pelly and Wooster will offer citizen engagement to increase, enhance and complement these interactions. Instagram will allow us to embed videos and pictures into our social media and to showcase places as they really are, to a younger audience, who may not be familiar with all the city has to offer.

“How will we do it, you may ask? Cross posting encourages conversation, which is at the heart of what makes social media so valuable,” Alaniz added.  

“Pelly and Wooster, our cute heron friends, are thrilled to meet their Baytown friends in the upcoming days. We encourage everyone to join in the fun on Instagram by following @city_of_baytown_government.“

For more information contact Amariss Alaniz at (281) 420-5802.