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Alarm - Security


    The City of Baytown requires all business and residential alarms that can emit a signal intended to summon police or fire services to have a city alarm permit, issued through the City Clerk's Office.

    How To Apply

Please complete all of the required fields on the application to ensure that there is no delay in processing your application. Once the completed application is received, an alarm system permit will be mailed or email; depending on your preference to you within 10 business days from the date of receipt. All alarm permits are valid for one year from the time of issuance and must be renewed ten (10) days prior to the permit's expiration date. Commercial permit holders will also be mailed at permit sticker that must be displayed in a manner that will be conspicuous to persons who enter the premises.

    Associated Fees & Fines 

    There is no fee to obtain or renew an alarm permit; however, excessive false alarms at the alarm site will be assessed fine as outlined below:




    Number of False Alarms


    Number of False Alarms








    5 or more (each)






    8 or more (each)





    False alarm fees must be paid thirty (30) days after receipt of the notice; a 10% late charge will be assessed to all accounts that are ninety (90) day delinquent.  

    If you would like to contest receiving a false alarm, you must do so in writing, no later than ten (10) calendar days from the date of the false alarm notification, to either the Police Chief or Fire Chief via the City Clerk.  

    Failure to comply with the appropriate permitting of an alarm system may result in a misdemeanor violation punishable by fines not to exceed FIVE HUNDRED AND NO/100 DOLLARS ($500.00) per incident.

    Revocation or Denial of Permit 

    The Police Chief or Fire Chief may refuse to grant or renew an alarm system permit or may revoke an alarm system permit for a period of up to one year, if it is determined that:

    1. There is a false statement of a materiel matter in the application;
    2. The permit holder has violated this article or any of its provisions;
    3. The permit holder has failed to pay a service fee assessed under this article within 30 days of the permit holder's notification of these assessments of the fee;
    4. The alarm system has had eight or more false burglar alarm notifications during the permit terms; or
    5. The Alarm system has had eight or more false alarm notifications during the permit year.

An applicant or permit holder may appeal denial or revocation of an alarm permit by filing a written request with the City Clerk requesting an appeal hearing and setting forth the reasons for the appeal, no later than ten (10) calendar days from the receipt of the denial/revocation notice.

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