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The City of Baytown licenses towing companies, in order for them to conduct nonconsent tows on behalf of the city, which are regulated by Article II, Chapter 102 of the Code of Ordinances and its related Tow Truck Agreement. Nonconsent tows, as defined by the City's Tow Truck Ordinance are only those tows that are called by a Baytown Police Officer to the scene of an accident or similar event.  Below are your Consumer Rights, fees and rates associated with nonconsent tows inside the Baytown city limits:

Consumer Rights:

  • Right to remove basic belongings form vehicle at the scene of an accident.
  • Right to remove basic belongings at storage facility.
  • Right to choose any repair facility.
  • Right to set fees and rates for tows and vehicle storage.
  • Right to nor be solicited as tow truck drivers can not solicit for storage locations or repair facilities.
  • Right to negotiate rates for tows taken outside of the city limits of Baytown.
  • Right to see, sign and receive a copy of the official City of Baytown tow ticket.
  • Right to be towed by licensed tow truck company, as all authorized tow trucks will display official City of Baytown licensing sticker.
  • Right to be towed by a licensed tow truck driver, all authorized drivers will have official City of Baytown Tow Truck Driver I.D.

Fees & Rates:

Tow Rates for Light Duty Tow Trucks:

  • The standard charge for a tow (vehicles and motorcycles) to any location within the city limits of Baytown will not exceed $150.00.
  • If the driver does not have a set location to tow the vehicle to, the towing company shall remove the vehicle to their vehicle storage facility inside the city limits, the vehicles can, within (7) calendar days from the date of the initial tow, be moved or transferred to another location within the city limits of Baytown for an amount not to exceed $65.00.
  • The maximum charge for any and all tows from the scene of an accident in the city limits to a location within the city limits is $215.00.
  • For a vehicle that is not longer than 25 feet, the storage fee is $20.00 per day; for a vehicle that is longer than 25 feet, the storage fee is $35.00 per day.  A "day" begins and ends at midnight.
  • No charges may be assessed for moving a vehicle within the storage area.
  • No "Hook-Up" fee can be charged to bring vehicle from inside storage facility to storage facility parking lot.
  • No Administration fees may be charged.

Tow Rates for Heavy Duty Tow Trucks:

  • Rate for heavy duty tows are negotiated at the scene of the accident.

Conflict Resolutions:

If consumer feels they have been over charged, they must first strive to resolve the issue with the tow truck company. If no resolution can be agreed upon, the consumer may file a written complaint with the City of Baytown, City Clerk and/or the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR).

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