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Conflict of Interest

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Conflict of Interest Questionnaire

A person or business, and their agents, who contract with the city or seek to contract with the city for the sale or purchase of goods, services or property; are required by Texas Local Government Code, Chapter 176, to file a conflicts disclosure questionnaire (FORM CIQ) created by the Texas Ethics Commission which is available online at

The form must be filed with the city no later than seven (7) days after the date the person or business begins contract discussions or negotiations with the city, or submits an application, response to a request for proposals or bids, correspondence, or other writing related to a potential agreement with the city for the sale or purchase of goods, services or property.

Such person and businesses, and their agents, must also file an updated questionnaire not later than September 1 of each year in which the person or business begins contract discussions or negotiations with the city, or submits an application, response to a request for proposals or bids, correspondence, or other writing related to a potential agreement with a city and within seven (7) days after the date of an event that would make as filed questionnaire incomplete or inaccurate.

CIQ forms are kept on the website for two years, original documents are maintained with their related contract/agreement for its designated retention period.  For more information regarding the CIQ form and requirements, please contact the Purchasing Division at 281-420-6527. 

Conflict of Interest Questionnaire (CIQ Form)

Conflict Disclosure Statement (CIS)

List of City Officials, BAWA & MDD


 Person / Entity Filing the Conflict of Interest (CIQ) Form

01-24-2020  Appointment Associate Municipal  Court Judges 
01-09-2020 Enterprise Products Operating, LLC Supplements to Section 212 Agreement 
12-10-2019 Highlands Sports Association 2019-20 Tourism Partnership Grant Program Allocations
11-25-2019  Our Promise for West Baytown Tourism Partnership Grant Program Allocations 
09-24-2019  Enterprise Products Operating, LLC Removal from Industrial District No. 2 & Chapter 212 Agreement
08-08-2019  Chevron Phillips Chemical Co. - Cedar Bayou Plant Corporation Donation for Baytown Summer Youth 
07-23-2019 Highlands Sports Association First Amendment to 2018-2019 Tourism Partnership Grant Agreement
06-07-2019  Goose Creek IH1, LLC Fourth Amendment to 380 Agreement  
02-22-2019  Tourism Partnership Grant Program Allocation for the Highlands Sports Association 
02-13-2019  Chevron Phillips Chemical Company LLC - Enterprise Project under the Texas Enterprise Zone Program
 01-10-2019 HSC Pipeline Partnership, LLC - Pipeline Permit  
 10-25-2018 Texas Pride Utilities, LLC - Pruett Estates Pipebursting Project  
10-25-2018 Highlands Sports Association - 2018-19 Tourism Partnership Grant Program Allocations
10-25-2018  Chevron Phillips Chemical Co.  - License Dedication Agreement
09-26-2018   Goose Creek Live-Work, LLC - License Agreement  
06-05-2018 Angel Brothers - McKinney Wastewater Improvements Project 
05-15-2018  Pepper Larson Waterworks, BAWA 6 MGD Surface Water Plant 
05-04-2018  Angel Brothers - Hunt Rd Expansion East of Garth Rd to N Main 
03-05-2018  Covestro LLC 
03-01-2018  Angel Brothers Enterprises, Ltd. - San Jacinto Blvd. Phase II Project
03-01-2018  Mike Bricker & Associates, Inc. -  Evergreen Renovation Project 
 02-09-2018 Angel Brothers Enterprises, Ltd. - Annual Mill and Overlay Project  
 01-04-2018 Goose Creek Live-Work LLC - First Amendment to Chapter 380 Economic Development Agreement
10-26-2017  Traf-Tex, Inc. - Hunt Road and Main Street Traffic Signal Project 
10-12-2017  Highlands Sports Association 
11-25-2014  SKE Construction, LLC -  Garth Road Rehabilitation Project 2015
12-16-2014 Turner Construction Company - 911 Emergency Center 
01-05-2015 Landmark Structures I, L.P. - Cedar Crossing 1.0 MG Elevated Storage Tank Project 2015
01-06-2015 Affordable Land Services Inc - BAWA 6 MGD Plant - Cleaning & Grubbing Project 2015
02-06-2015 General Contractor Services Inc. - Hydro-Stop Roofing for Baytown Community Center  Project 2015
02-25-2015  PM Construction and Rehab, LLC - 2015 Annual Sanitary Sewer Project 
02-25-2015   Angel Brothers Enterprises LLC - Santavy Road Project 
05-26-2015  Angel Borthers Enterprises Ltd. - 2007 Street Bond Program - Year 6 
05-27-2015  Jerdon Enterprise LP - Texas Ave. Streetscape - Phase 2
09-02-2015   Central Wastewater Treatment Plant Flood Improvement Project
10-06-2015   Baytown Fire Training Center Project - Phase II
10-06-2015  EastPoint Pipebursting Project
10-06-2015  2015 Mill and Overlay Project 
10-12-2015  Pedestrian Bridge Hike and Bike Trail Project 
 12-10-2015 Robert C. Hoskins - Enterprise 
12-22-2015  Kilgore  Rd. Pipebursting Project 
01-06-2016 W. Baker Rd. Pipebursting Project 
01-28-2016  Rick Davis - City Manager 
02-03-2016  Construction of San Jacinto Blvd. Lift Station 
 02-26-2016 John Martin & I-10 Improvements 
 03-16-2016 Sjolander Waterline Project 
07-12-2016  Lift Station Improvements 
09-29-2016  PW Restroom Project 
03-06-2017   Hunt Road East Project
 03-24-2017 Pelly Area Pipebursting Project 
 06-29-2017  Addendum #3 - Partial Service Area to the NWWTP Project
08/02/2017  Evergreen Road Reconstruction Project