Annual Budget

Budgets for the City of Baytown and its component units

Financial Reports

City of Baytown reports for the three years most recently ended

Hotel and Motel Occupancy Tax

Mission Statement

The Finance Department of the City of Baytown is committed to providing efficient, accurate and effective services responsive to the needs of the citizens in accordance with the best recognized, best practices and principles of governmental finance.


The Finance Department is responsible for administering the City's fiscal affairs in accordance with applicable local, state and federal guidelines and:

  • Manages the Annual Audit
  • Compiles the Annual Budget
  • Collects and Disburses all City Funds
  • Implements Effective Internal Control Systems
  • Manages the City's investment portfolio (in compliance with the Public Funds Investment Act ( PFIA) and the adopted investment policy)

Divisions of Finance

Finance is comprised of several divisions: Accounting, Treasury, Utility Billing and Purchasing