The primary mission of the Baytown Fire Department is to provide a range of high quality programs designed to protect the lives, property and environment of the citizens, business community and visitors within the city of Baytown from adverse effects due to fires, sudden medical emergencies, natural or man-made disasters and other dangerous conditions.

Insurance Services Office Inc. (ISO) Rates

The City of Baytown has joined the top 2% of American communities for fire protection. ISO, an insurance industry advisory company, has upgraded the Baytown Fire Department to Class 2. ISO currently rates over 47,000 fire departments within the United States and of those, only 2% of them receive a rating of 2 or below.

The fire-protection services of Baytown, as rated by an insurance industry advisory company, have improved to Class 2 from Class 3. This reduced rating puts the City of Baytown in a special group of communities in the country.



Fire Administration Building: