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The Baytown Office of Emergency Management (OEM) works with City departments, local agencies, industry, community groups and non-profit organizations to plan, prepare, respond and recover to emergencies or disasters that affect the Baytown community. 

The Office of Emergency Management also works closely with the Greater Baytown Area Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC) to ensure the community is prepared for a hazardous materials incident.  For more information about the LEPC and how you can get prepared, visit

Learn how you can become better prepared for all hazards by visiting the Get Prepared section of our website. 

Emergency Alerts

SwiftReach is the City of Baytown's phone notification system.  This system allows the City to contact citizens with important information by phone, email and/or text message.  It is important to register your cell phone number so you will continue to receive updated information when you are not at home.



Outdoor Warning Sirens

The City of Baytown has an outdoor warning system consisting of several pole-mounted sirens placed in various locations throughout the city.  The sirens warn the community of a chemical emergency.  If you hear an outdoor warning siren sound, please go indoors to "shelter-in-place" until notified that the emergency has ended.


Zika Virus Information


Many residents of Baytown have National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) policies on their homes and businesses. For many in this region of the Texas Gulf Coast, this Flood Insurance is a requirement of lenders in order to get a home or business mortgage. For many others, who live outside of the official floodplain, Flood Insurance is a wise protection of the investment that they have in their home or business. NFIP Flood Insurance coverage is specifically for damages from floods, which most basic homeowner or business insurance policies specifically exclude. 

There are some significant increases to the costs of NFIP Policies that many policy holders are not aware of, coming this year. Click on the link below for more information or visit

NFIP Policy Cost Increases



View of Emergency Operations Center from Baytown FD T-7