Hurricane Preparedness


Hurricane Season begins June 1st and runs until November 30th each year.  It is important to prepare for hurricane season in advance.  

There are three easy steps to getting prepared.  Click on each step below for more information and view additional preparedness tips below.

  1. Get an Emergency Supply Kit
  2. Make a Family Disaster Plan
  3. Stay Informed


If you live in an area threatened by storm surge - an EVACUATION ZONE - discuss evacuation plans with your family. Check with City or County officials to find out if your home is in an evacuation zone.  View the Evacuation Zip Zone Map to find out what Zip Zone you are in for an evacuation.  You can also use the Evacuation Zip Zone Map to plan your evacuation route.  The map displays both main evacuation corridors, as well as other evacuation connecting roadways.



NOAA and the National Hurricane Center recently released a great video on Storm Surge Awareness:



View the different Safety Guides below to help you and your family get better prepared for hurricane season.