COVID 19, or the Coronavirus

The City of Baytown facilities and offices are open for business. Due to COVID-19 some departments may still be operating in a modified fashion. Please contact the department you plan to conduct business with directly if you have specific questions as to modification to services or location.

We continue to follow CDC guidelines for the safety of our employees and citizens and will keep you updated via social media and other communication channels

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EMS Division

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Dalbey, D.

The EMS Division is headed by Assistant Fire Chief Dana Dalbey.

The Baytown Fire Department has highly skilled Paramedics that provide care and transportation to the citizens of Baytown, Texas. We are the exclusive transport providers for 9-1-1 service. We provide many other specialty services such as community standby coverage. We are committed to providing leading edge out of hospital clinical care. For example, all patients believed to be having a heart attack will receive a 12-lead EKG, with Paramedic interpretation and treatment in the field. This treatment previously would be reserved for care only once in the emergency room. Early diagnosis and intervention is often literally lifesaving! This is just one example of the progressive medical care the community enjoys due to medical direction under the exceptional leadership of Dr.  Amir Rassoli.

Beyond a newer fleet of ambulances and extensive state of the art diagnostic equipment, at the Baytown Fire/EMS, it is the people who truly make the difference. Our dedicated Paramedics participate in decisions that impact every aspect of the organization. Focus groups have input on everything from deciding what features to have on new ambulances, to distribution of workload. This empowered environment produces exceptional patient care, and contributes the best experience possible in your time of need.

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