Arson Investigation

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All fires have a cause.
Some are truly accidental.
Others are started on purpose.
When fires are started maliciously it is called arson.

The objective of a fire investigation is to determine the origin and cause of a fire. In order to determine the origin and cause of a fire, interviews must be conducted, evidence collected, and comprehensive reports of all findings must be prepared. If, during the investigation, any criminal activity is uncovered, the investigator must take action against those responsible. An investigator, who has reason to believe that arson was committed, is obligated to develop the case to its fullest extent. This may include the filing of criminal charges and serving as a witness for prosecution.

All of our Investigators are Certified Peace Officers by the State of Texas with the same powers as any other law enforcement Officer, in Texas.

If you need to speak with one of our Arson Investigators, please call 281-422-2311.