Fire Plans Review

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The Baytown Fire Marshal’s Office is the authority for all fire code enforcement and fire and life safety plan review. We perform these code enforcements and plans reviews for new construction, remodeling, additions to, change of occupancy, installation or removal of fuel tanks, and for all fire suppression and detection systems in commercial businesses.

Plans and specifications regarding the location of the building or structure on the property, area, height, number of stories, occupancy, type of construction, interior finish, exit facilities, electrical systems, mechanical systems, fuel storage tanks and their appurtenances, automatic fire-extinguishing systems, and fire alarm systems must be submitted by the owner or owner's representative to the Fire Marshal’s Office for examination and approval. This review does not address structural considerations or accessibility requirements.

Mechanical and electrical review is limited to that which is necessary to confirm compliance with fire and life safety requirements.

Applications for plans review must be submitted to the Permit Counter at City Hall.

Plans will be reviewed in a timely manner and returned to the Permit Counter and you will be notified when the plans may be picked up.

Fire Systems Permit Applications are located on the Citys' Permitting Center Page or by clicking here.