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BEAT Alley Life Safety Team

The Baytown Fire Department boasts an exciting, imaginative program that teaches elementary school age children life and fire safety with clowns, puppets, music, magic and more. The Baytown Educational Action Team (BEAT) has been tremendously successful in getting life and fire safety messages out to children of the Goose Creek Independent School District.

Programs at area elementary schools present life and fire safety messages to over 11,000 children each year.

The members of the BEAT Alley team consist of: John Wadley, Shawn Russi, Dallas Webb, Logan Peake, David Cox, Anthony Bruzzese, Retired Lieutenant John Adkins, and Jim Moss.

The Baytown Fire Marshal’s Office also has several Fire & Life Safety Educations Presentations for adults that may be presented for safety meetings, civic organizations, etc.

Such topics as:

  • Basic Home Fire Safety – Discusses smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, home evacuation planning, kitchen fires, burns, Christmas trees and fireworks.
  • Holiday Home Fire Safety – Discusses basic home fire safety plus space heaters, fireplaces, Christmas trees & holiday lighting and fireworks.
  • Know Your Way Out – Discusses the importance of evacuation planning for place other than work or home.
  • Outdoor Cooking Safety – Safety tips for outdoor grilling and frying.
  • Holiday Cooking Safety – Safety tips for the kitchen cooking during the holidays and outdoor turkey frying.
  • Fire Extinguisher Training – both classroom and ‘hand-on’ training available.
  • Fire Safety in our Schools – Geared for teachers and administrators.
  • Fire Safety for Senior Citizens – Geared for Seniors who live in ‘Seniors only’ apartment type buildings.

Each of our safety presentations are about 20 – 30 minutes in length and are geared towards an adult audience.