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The City of Baytown facilities and offices are open for business. Due to COVID-19 some departments may still be operating in a modified fashion. Please contact the department you plan to conduct business with directly if you have specific questions as to modification to services or location.

We continue to follow CDC guidelines for the safety of our employees and citizens and will keep you updated via social media and other communication channels

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Special Operations

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Hazardous Materials Response Team

The Fire Department Hazardous Materials Response Team is currently assigned to Fire Station 7. In addition to emergency response to incidents, the Hazardous Materials Team responds to structure fires where there are known hazardous materials indicated by placarding.

A substantial amount of training is done on various monitoring and detection equipment used on incidents. The Hazardous Materials Response Team is the most technically demanding assignment in the Department. Equipped with on-board computers, cellular phones and fax machines, extensive resource library, various chemical suits, and support equipment; the Hazardous Materials Response Team's best resource is the continual training of its personnel.

Responding to incidents involving hazardous materials, team members are trained to deal with chemical spills, gas leaks and other situations involving hazardous materials.

Search and Rescue Team

The Fire Department has been preparing a select group of personnel to conduct special search and rescue operations.  This includes training in various rescue situations including low- and high-angle, swift water, urban search and rescue, confined spaces and a variety of special situations. The urban search and rescue team is currently assigned to Fire Station 5.

The Special Operations Chief works with the three Battalion Chiefs of the Operations Division to oversee the planning, training, and response aspect of Special Operations.  Special Operations consists of both Rescue and Hazardous Materials (Haz-Mat) operations and all the disciplines that fall within those functions.  This includes, but is not limited to the following rescue disciplines; vehicle extrication, machinery entrapments, elevator rescues, trench collapse, confined space rescue, rope rescue (high and low angle), and swift water rescue.  All Haz-Mat related functions such as; suspicious odors, gas leaks, hazardous materials spills and leaks are handled by Special Operations.

The Baytown Fire Department (BFD) is committed to providing specialized response in the following areas:

•Rope Rescue
•Confined Space Rescue
•Trench Rescue
•Collapse Rescue
•Water Rescue
•Mechanical and Vehicle extrication
•Hazardous Materials
•Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)