COVID 19, or the Coronavirus

In accordance with the Stay Home, Work Safe order issued by Harris County, the City of Baytown has closed all City facilities to the public until April 30th . Following CDC guidelines, we have canceled all City events, programming, and City venue rentals until further notice.  Some  City services will continue to run, but in a modified format through digital or other distance means. We would like you to know that the City is in daily contact with State and County Health and Emergency Management Officials. We continue to address the situation in cooperation with all of our partners in government and industry. While you’re likely to see various reactions to the situation, we ask that you remain calm.  We will continue to keep you updated here and via our social media channels

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The Legal Department cannot provide legal advice
to private citizens on personal legal matters.

The City's Legal Department:

  • Advises the City Council, BAWA, CCPD, FCPEMSD, MDD, PFC, City Manager and staff, and official boards and commissions on a wide-range of issues.
  • Represents or manages the representation of the City, BAWA, CCPD, FCPEMSD, MDD and PFC in litigation and adversary proceedings.
  • Serves as Prosecutor for all municipal court cases, including those involving offenses under the Texas Penal Code, the Texas Transportation Code, and the City’s Code of Ordinances.
  • Provides oral and written opinions to the City Council, BAWA, MDD, CCPD, FCPEMSD, PFC, City Manager and staff.
  • Drafts legal instruments such as ordinances, resolutions, contracts, and deeds.

Municipal Court Prosecutor

The Prosecutor is responsible for prosecuting violations of applicable state law and municipal ordinances in which the Municipal Court has jurisdiction.

 Office Hours
 Monday  10am to 11:30am 1:30pm to 4pm  
 Tuesday   9am to 11:30am Unavailable on Trial Days

Unavailable on Trial Days

9:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.
on Non-Trial Days

  Unavailable on Trial Days

1pm to 4pm
on Non-Trial Days
 Thursday 9am to 11:30am 1pm to 4pm 
 Friday  9am to 11:30am   Not Available