Deferred Disposition

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Deferred Disposition

Dismissing a Violation With Deferred Disposition

You may be eligible for deferred disposition and have your violation dismissed. However, you will lose that right if you do not request deferred disposition at the court on or before your initial appearance date.


Qualifications are as follows:

  • If charged with speeding you were not exceeding the speed by more than 24 mph
  • The offense did not occur in a construction zone with workers present
  • This violation did not result in an accident
  • You are not currently on deferred for another citation
  • You are not in the process of taking defensive driving for another citation
  • You do not have commercial driver’s license or permit for a “CDL”
  • You have been charged with a moving violation
  • You have not completed a defensive driving course or been on deferred for another citation in the previous 12 months of the citation
  • You were not charged with passing a school bus with lights flashing

Additional Disqualifications

Disqualifications are not limited to the above list of qualifications, for instance: if you have a commercial driver’s license you are not eligible for deferred disposition. Deferred disposition may not be granted because of the nature of the charge against you, or your criminal history.  All requests that are denied may be set for a court appearance so that you may discuss your specific situation with the judge.

No Insurance Violations

If you are charged with a violation of “Failure to Maintain Financial Responsibility” and you have insurance at the time of your initial appearance date, you may be eligible to request deferred disposition.  You must be able to  provide proof of your insurance at the time of your request and it must be maintained the entire period of your deferment which isusually for 180 days.  At the end of your deferred period you MUST bring in proof so the court can verify that you have maintained coverage for  the entire deferral period. If you fail to do so then the Judge may find you “guilty” which may result in a conviction being reported to your driving record.

After Approval

Upon approval of deferred  disposition your case will placed on probation  for a certain number of days depending on the charge.  If you are under the age of 25, and your charge is a "moving violation"  you are required by law to complete a defensive driving course as a condition of your deferral.  Court cost and special expense fees apply- contact the court for specific information.

Failure to Comply

You must comply with all of the conditions set forth in your Deferred Dispostion order. Failure to comply with any part of the deferral order will result in a fine and conviction reported on your driving record. Failure to pay your fees by the  deferral due date or receiving a new violation during your period may violate your deferred disposition order. 

All requests must be made in person or by mail to the Baytown Municipal Court.

To request deferred disposition fill out the application and submit to the court:

Application for Deferred Disposition