What is R.A.P.?

 The R.A.P. program is an alternative sentencing program  administered by the Baytown Municipal Court for juvenile offenders. The program  allows a juvenile offender to perform community service to satisfy fines and court cost due for violations in the Baytown Municipal Court.

R.A.P. is an acronym for Responsibility, Accountability and Pride. These are the values that we attempt to instill in our youth offenders who participate in our community service program.

 How Can I participate in the R.A.P. program?

You must come to court and be granted permission by the judge to participate in the R.A.P. program.

When does the R.A.P. program meet?

The R.A.P. community service opportunities are available every other Saturday from 9:00 a.m. until 3:00  p.m. You can check the calendar for current dates and locations.

How much credit do I get for my participation in R.A.P.?

R.A.P. community service hours are ordered by the judge.  Typically a juvenile will receive one hundred dollars credit for every six hours of community service performed.  However,  a juvenile who works extremely hard may be granted additonal credit by the juvenile case manager who is supervising the community service.

Am I able to do R.A.P. community service for violations I have in other courts?