R.A.P rules

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Basic rules for the R.A.P. work day:

1. Don’t be late.  You have to be there by 9:00 AM or we will send you back home.

2. No earrings for the guys and no more than 2 pairs for the girls.

3. No horseplay of any type.  If caught you will be sent home.

4. No Gang symbols, tattoos, Graffiti or visual, written or implied messages will be visible on you or your clothing.  No violence, vulgar or obscene language, or messages pertaining to drugs, alcohol, tobacco, or weapons shall be visible on the clothing.  No insults to race, religion, or gender or disrespect to the American flag. 

5. We will follow the GCCISD Dress and Grooming Standards.  No holes in the clothing or see through pants.  Pants will be at waist level, no sagging pants allowed.  No caps or head coverings of any type allowed.   No hoodies pulled over the head.  You will get 1 warning, after that you will be sent home with NO CREDIT given for the day. Your pants still need to be around your waist in the proper position, even if wearing long or extra long shirts that cover your waist.

6. Cell phones need to be turned off and taken up.  If you are caught on your phone, checking messages, time or texting you will be sent home with no hours.

7. You are given written instructions from the court to bring yourself a sack lunch if you want something to eat. 

8. You will respond to us with respect, a yes sir or no sir.  There will be no rolling of the eyes or any other negative gestures.

9. When we are talking, or you are standing in line, no one should be talking.

10. You will be given a job assignment for the day.  You are here to earn up to 6 hours of credit.  If you do not work and stay busy, you do not earn those hours.  We will not stand over you and tell you to work, or get back to work.  If we see you not working, sitting, hiding or anything else you are not supposed to be doing, you will not earn your hours and will have time deducted for the above.  We will not follow you around telling you to get to work.  It is your responsibility to work and earn your hours.
You are here to earn hours, they will not be given to you.

11. You will be issued a vest at the beginning of the day to wear all day, including lunch.  Do not take the vest off until you are told to do so.  You will need to turn in the same vest at the end of the day.  If you’re found not wearing the vest you will be sent home with no time given.

12. Our day is from 9:00 AM to 3PM.  Have your rides here at 3 o’clock.  If we have to stay you will have to go before the Judge to tell why your ride was late.

13. Keep up with your gloves and any tools issued to you.   If you do not return the issued items, you will not receive credit for the day and you will be responsible for the cost of the item.

14.  No Ipods or listening devices of any type are permitted while on Community Service.

15.  Part of the program is to build accountability; you must have your court  
            paperwork so that we can record your hours. You then must return the
            paperwork back to the courts.

16.  If you are working in a group and the group likes to talk or not work, contact  
            your supervisor and asked to be changed and advise us why.
17.  If you do not understand any of the above or have any questions, now is the     
       time to ask.  This is the only time we will discuss the rules and how you will         
       receive your hours of credit for the day.

18.  You must know what R.A.P. stands for,  before leaving and receiving your credit 
       hours for the day.

19.  There will be times when you will be issued tools to work during the day. 
You must check them in and out during the day.  You are responsible for keeping up with them and proper use.  If you break it you must replace it before getting credit for the day. 

20.  No sitting is allowed except during the lunch break.  You may work from your  
            knees if needed, but no sitting.

21.  Appropriate work related clothing will be worn.  Blue jeans or a similar material recommended along with tennis shoes or boots and a shirt.  Pants are not allowed to have holes in them where skin is visible.  No tank tops or bandana’s allowed.  No gang symbols, graffiti, body piercings or tattoo’s visible on you or your clothing.   
22. Do not work on the equipement or tools.  If it requires gas or oil, contact one of your

23. Do not enter the storage trailer without permission from a supervisor. 

24. Just as easy as you can lose hours for not working you can work extra hard and gain    
       extra hours.  You can earn up to 2 to 3 hours for a hard days work.