Tips For Your Visit

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1. Upon arrival, there are two lines. One line is to purchase tickets and the other is for those who already have tickets.

2.  If coming on a weekend, it is best to arrive with tickets in hand and in line by 9:30 AM.  Once we hit capacity, guests will be allowed in as others leave the park for the day.

3.  Coolers are welcome as long as there is no alcohol, glass, or knives of any kind. We do have 2 concession stands that sell items ranging in price form $1-$7.

4.  If purchasing under 48" tickets, please have the ticket holders present when purchasing.

5.  If you forget sunscreen, towels, swim diapers, water proof phone cases, and more, do not worry.  We sell those in our Black Pearl gift shop which is located near the Flow Rider.