Revitalization Incentive Zone

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Revitalization Incentive Zone

Now is the time to invest in our City!

The goal of the Revitalization Incentive Zone (RIZ) program is to promote economic development, encourage the rehabilitation of affordable housing, increase property values and enhance the quality of life for Baytown residents. The program provides the waiver of certain permit/impact fees, and tax refunds, to property owners who build on, or rehabilitate property within the RIZ. The following incentives are available (to see more detail, click the heading to download a fact sheet):
Certain permit fees and impact fees may be waived if your improvement is within the Revitalization Incentive Zone.  
Improvements qualified for Program 2 may also receive a refund of a portion of their municipal ad valorem taxes.
Qualifying Projects
New construction and improvements on existing structures within the boundary of the RIZ are both eligible, whether your project is residential or commercial. Please refer to the appropriate Fact Sheet for each program to determine further eligibility.
PLEASE NOTE: The approval of fee waivers and other incentives shall not constitute approval of any aspect of the project. You must obtain all required permits and inspections from the City and in ensure the project is located in the correct zoning district. It is strongly suggested you meet with a member of the Planning/Building Division prior to application.
How to Apply
Any owner of property within the RIZ may apply for revitalization zone incentives by submitting an application to the City of Baytown's Community Development Division, located inside City Hall, 2401 Market Street, Baytown. Be sure to include:
  • Completed Application, including address and  legal description;
  • Proof of ownership;
  • Current assessed value of property for which RIZ incentive is sought;
  • A general description of the new improvements;
  • Bid documents, construction estimates or contract (documents necessary to determine construction cost);
  • Any additional information requested by staff.

Please see the Process Guide for additional information.

Application, Forms, and Guidelines

For more information, contact the City of Baytown Community Development Division at 281-420-5390.