Planning Division

The City of Baytown Planning Department provides guidance on zoning and land use in Baytown as well as reviews and provides information on requests for annexation, rezoning, special use permits and variances.  The department also processes applications for plats, site plans and infrastructure plans which are subject to review by the Development Review Committee (DRC).

The mission of the Planning Department is to use the City of Baytown's Comprehensive Plan to help citizens shape the kind of city they want for the future.  The Comprehensive Plan, the city's policy guide for land use and development, includes the Major Thoroughfare Plan (MTFP) and the Future Land Use Plan (FLUP).

With the MTFP, the city identifies sections of roadways that are in need of expansion.  The plan serves as notice to the public for developing land adjacent to the identified roads.  The FLUP provides a vision for the future development of the city.