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Criminal Investigations / Special Operations / Identification

The Criminal Investigations Division is responsible for:

  1. Follow up on assigned cases originally handled by the Patrol Bureau.

  2. Initiating and investigating violations relating to narcotics, vice, or any other offense where an officer must go "undercover."

The Criminal Investigations Division, Special Operations Unit, and Identification Unit are under the leadership of Assistant Chief Mike Holden.  Employees can be reached by e-mail or phone.

Criminal Investigations Division

Bureau Commander Assistant Chief Mike Holden x 6633
Detective Lieutenant Lieutenant Steve Dorris x 6617
Detective Sergeant Sergeant Rene Hinojosa x 7181
Detective Sergeant Sergeant Jason Kelly x 6676
Detective Administrative Assistant Amanda Speegle x 6646
Crime Analyst Tim Carter x 6639
Investigator Detective Nathan Gallop x 6640
Investigator Detective Cameron Burch
x 5857
Investigator Detective Felipe Gallegos x 6647
Investigator Detective Craig Green x 6675
Investigator Detective Iveleth Hernandez x 6643
Investigator Detective Shane Darsee x 6628
Investigator Detective Cpl. Edgar Elizondo x 5862
Investigator Detective Jessica Cervantes x 6670
Investigator Detective Lance Watkins x 6635
Investigator Detective Adrian Soto x 6620
Investigator Detective Guadalupe Gonzalez x 6629
Investigator Detective Melvin Loyd x 6671
Investigator Detective Chris Zucha x 6677
Investigator  Detective Brad Turner  x 6649 

Special Operations Unit

Detective Sergeant
Narcotics / Gangs
x 5856
Detective Sergeant Vice / Auto Theft  x 6632
Detective Narcotics / Gangs x 5357
Detective Narcotics / Gangs x 5859
Detective Narcotics / Gangs x 6614
Detective Narcotics / Gangs x 5355
Detective Vice / Auto Theft x 7103
Detective Vice / Auto Theft  x 6698
Detective Vice / Auto Theft  x 6674
Detective Vice / Auto Theft x 6588
Detective Vice / Auto Theft x 6630
Detective Vice / Auto Theft x 6618

Identification Unit

The Identification Unit handles the processing of crime scenes and other evidence such as fingerprints and photographs.

Identification Officer Detective Mike Farabee x 6631
Identification Officer Detective John Lunsford x 6625