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The Support Bureau is responsible for the support elements of the Police Department. These elements include theJail Division,Records Division,Facilities Management,Property Room, and thePolice Garage. The Bureau, in addition to the listed divisions, is responsible for the Department Budgetary Process, Vendor Contacts, and Purchasing for the Department.


Bureau Commander A/Chief Mike Holden x6633
Support Services Lieutenant Lieutenant Shawn Fischer x 6657
Detention Lieutenant Lieutenant Roger Park x 1101
Accounting Technician Susan Freeman x 6612

Detention Division

The Jail Division consists of 1 Jail Administrator,6 Jail Supervisors and 16 Detention Officers; all full time non-sworn employees. The jail is staffed 24 hours per day and handles an average of 6000 prisoners annually. Petty offenders remain in custody at the facility until the fine is paid or bond is posted. Higher grade offenders are transferred to county facilities within 12 hours of arrest if bond is not posted.

Jail Administrator

Lt. Roger Park

x 1101
Administrative Assistant Natalie Robinson x 1100
Jail Supervisor Days - Lance Frazar x 1104
Jail Supervisor Days - Melissa Dickerson x 1104
Jail Supervisor Days - Demond Cooper x 1104
Jail Supervisor Nights - Jesse Gutierrez x 1104
Jail Supervisor Nights - Joshua Adams x 1104
Jail Supervisor Nights - Ervin Jackson
x 1104
Jailers x 1104

Records Division

The Records Division records and forwards all documents pertaining to police department records in accordance with the Open Records Act. The Division is headed by April Randi and consists of Records Technicians and Open Records Specialists, all non-sworn personnel. The Records Division can be reached Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. at (281) 420-6626.

Records Supervisor April Randi x 6608
Front Station
Kim Coutee
Imaging Station Bernadette Avinger
Traffic Station Cathy Brummett
Open Records Specialist Amanda Pell x6605
Open Records Specialist Kristen Mills x6673
Open Records Assistant / Payroll Lisa Salinas x 6604

Facilities Management

The Support Services Bureau Coordinator is responsible for the maintenance of all Police Department buildings, to include securing bids from vendors and ensuring that the jobs are completed.

Facilities Coordinator Mike Hellman

x 6658

Facilities Coordinator Assistant Martin Serrano


Property Room

The Property Room maintains all items of evidence in criminal cases and other items which have been collected for safekeeping, found and unclaimed, and items which are subject to seizure. The Property Room staff consists of a Property Room Supervisor, a Property Room Custodian, and a Disposal Technician. . The Supervisor is responsible for the operations of the Property Room. She coordinates with the Courts System for the Disposition of property and evidence. The Custodian is responsible for the safekeeping of all property in the Property Room, while the Disposal Technician is responsible for the research of cases and proper removal of items from the Property Room.

Property Room Supervisor Liliana Gonzalez x 6615
Property Room Custodian Margine Khalid x 6616
Property Disposal Technician Deaisy Martinez x 6606

Police Garage

The Police Garage is responsible for ensuring that all police vehicles are repaired and maintained in an operating condition. The Garage is staffed by a head mechanic who is a working supervisor and two mechanics.

Garage Supervisor Zenon Cruz


Mechanic Sonny Alfred 281-420-6651
Mechanic Bryon Brown 281-420-6651
Mechanic (part-time) 281-420-6651