City Services

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Info Center

An information Center where citizens can report issues found around the city, make a request for service, view a map to locate any city facility, or find a contact number for a department supervisor.

Online Services

A collection of online portals to allow citizens to easily utilize license & permits, purchase tickets to Pirates Bay water park, check out e-publications, check warrant status, or make an online payment.

Planning & Development

Explore all three departments housed in our planning and development department. Here you will find our planning division, the building services division, and the community development division.

Public Health

Explore the many services offered by the health department. Animal Services, Community Service, Environmental Health, Mosquito Control Neighborhood Protection, and Stormwater are all the services handled by public health.

Public Safety

Here you will find the information you need for Emergency Management, Fire & EMS, Police, and Municipal Court.

Public Utility

Here at public utility you will find all the information you need for your utility bill,