Public Pools and Spas

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Pool or swimming pool means any structure, basin, chamber, tank or other receptacle capable of containing an artificial body of water for the purpose of swimming, diving or recreational bathing and having a depth at any point of more than 18 inches, whether located at ground level, aboveground, belowground or indoors. Such terms shall include but not be limited to a permanent swimming pool, a permanent wading or reflection pool or a permanent hot tub or spa.

Private residential swimming pool means any swimming pool located on private property under the control of a single homeowner or his tenant, the use of which is limited to members of his family, the tenant's family and their invited guests.

Public swimming pool means any swimming pool, other than a private residential swimming pool, intended to be used collectively by numbers of persons for swimming or bathing, however owned or operated and regardless of whether a fee is charged for such use. Such term includes but is not limited to a swimming pool owned or operated incident to a multifamily dwelling project, nonprofit recreational facilities, hotels, as well as educational facilities.

Spa means a pool designed for recreational or therapeutic use or physiological or psychological relaxation that is not drained, cleaned and refilled for each user. Such pool includes but is not limited to hydrojet circulation, hot water or cold water mineral baths, air induction bubbles or any combination thereof. Common terminology for a spa includes but is not limited to therapeutic pool, hydrotherapy pool, whirlpool, hot spa and hot tub. Such spas are shallow in depth and not intended for swimming or diving . Such spas do not include pools or whirlpools in which no part of the human body is immersed or in which only human limbs are immersed.

Wading pool means any special purpose pool or receptacle set aside primarily for use by children.

Swimming Pool Permit Application

 For additional information, visit to review Chapter 18, Article XIII “Swimming Pools and Spas” of the City of Baytown Code of Ordinances.

For State law regarding all general requirements, please review Chapter 265 Standards for Swimming Pools and Spas.

For State law regarding enclosures, please review State law reference— Enforcement, V.T.C.A., Health and Safety Code § 757.012

(Code 1967, § 28-1; Ord. No. 7721, § 1, 6-13-96)

Health and Safety Code, Section 341.064, Swimming Pools and Bathhouses
(These standards affect all non-residential pools/spas constructed prior to October 1999.)

Additional Resources: CDC  Water Recreational Illnesses