Unexplainable High Water Adjustment

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Eligibility Requirements:

1.     Check for open lines/leaks

2.     Request a reread

3.     Have a plumber certify there are no issues

4.     Request a meter datalog and/or meter test

5.     Submit a Credit Adjustment Form with all supporting documentation (click here for Credit Adjustment Form)

6.     The bill must be more than twice the average consumption (over a six month period) or more than $100.00 over the average bill amount.


If all eligibility criteria is met and the adjustment is approved:

1.     UB will calculate the average consumption (over a six month period).

2.     The customer must pay average consumption plus 1/2 of the water and sewer charges that exceed the average consumption.

3.     UB will adjust/credit the remainder of the bill.


The adjustment will be granted ONCE over the lifetime of the account and payment arrangements are available

(prior to disconnection of service).