COVID 19, or the Coronavirus

In accordance with Governor Abbott’s “Open Texas” executive order, the City of Baytown will be re-opening public facilities in a phased process. Following CDC guidelines, all City events, programming, and City venue rentals remain cancelled or postponed until further notice. City services will continue to run in a modified format through digital or other distance means. Beginning May 11th, we will begin providing curb side and appointment-only services at our public facilities while avoiding fully opening government facilities to the public. We will continue to keep you updated on our social media channels.

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Procedures to Appearances Before Council

All citizens have a right to speak before Council.  There are two types of items that a citizen may want to speak to: (1) items that are on the agenda and (2) items that are not on the agenda.

  1. For items that are on the agenda, citizens must sign-in to speak before a council meeting begins.  The sign-in sheets are located at the entrance of the council chambers and delivered to the mayor upon the commencement of the meeting. Citizens who sign up to speak to an item on the agenda are given three (3) minutes to address the council.
  2. For items not on the agenda, citizens must file a citizen's communication with the City Clerk either online or with the following form.  Said request must be received by the City Clerk, no later than 170 hours prior to the council meeting or 4:30 p.m. of the week prior to the council meeting.  Citizens who sign up to speak through a citizen's communication are given five (5) minutes to address the council.  Prior to filing for a citizen's communication request, Council respectfully request that every attempt be made to resolve the issue(s) at hand through the city's administrative channels. 

Below are the rules of conduct when appearing before the council:

  • Speakers must be recognized by the presiding officer and must step up to the podium stating their name and address for the record.  All statements and responses must be made at the podium and spoken into the microphone.
  • No person(s) attending any council meetings will be allowed to delay, interrupt, or disrupt the proceedings or refuse to obey the orders of the presiding officer.
  • If a group is interested in the same subject, a spokesperson may be appointed to represent the group.
  • All remarks shall be addressed to the council as a whole, and no questions shall be asked of Council of City Staff except through the presiding officer.
  • Council will refer all inquiries, requests, etc., to the City Manager's Office for processing and a response to the citizen will be made at a later date as appropriate.
  • All complaints concerning city employees are to be directed to the City Manager during normal business hours.
  • No electronic media is allowed for presentations during citizen communications.  Information being presented to the council should be in paper format and twelve (12) copies should be provided to the City Clerk for distribution to council and staff.