1. Who is a juvenile?
  2. Who is a minor?

Anyone under the age of 17 is considered a juvenile. Juveniles must appear in open court with a parent or legal guardian. Learn more about Court procedures.

Coming to Court and Responding to a Citation

Juveniles follow a different Court process than adult defendants.

  1. Ticket
  2. Intake
  3. Court
  4. Options

After the Court receives your citation, you and your parent/guardian will be mailed an intake notice. This is not for a court date. An intake with the Juvenile Case Manager is required prior to your Court date.

With your notice, you will receive additional paperwork to bring to your intake appointment.

Pre-Trial Diversion Program

Pursuant to Texas Family Code §52.031, a defendant under the age of 17 may participate in a Diversion, or First Offender, Program for the referral and disposition of a citation prior to it being filed with the Court. The juvenile defendant is eligible to participate in this program if they meet the criteria outlined below:

  • The charge is a first offense for a non-traffic violation (except assaultive offenses); or
  • The charge is a first offense involving an assault that has been approved by the municipal court prosecutor; or
  • The charge is a first offense for a violation of the City of Baytown Code of Ordinances; and 
  • The Class C Misdemeanor charge did not result in any additional charges being filed in a higher court.

The defendant will have an individualized case plan and ongoing communication with the Juvenile Case Manager throughout their participation in the Diversion Program. Upon successful completion of the Diversion Program, the charge against them will be dismissed and the defendant will not appear in open Court. If the defendant does not complete the Diversion Program, the case against them will be filed with the Court and they will be required to appear in open Court to answer to the charges.

Alcohol and Tobacco Offenses

Anyone under the age of 21 and charged with an alcohol related offense is required to appear in open court and do the following:
  • Attend an alcohol awareness course
  • Complete 8 to 12 hours of alcohol related community service

Fail to Appear or Pay Fine

Juveniles who fail to appear in open court or fail to pay their fine will be reported to the Department of Public Safety. Their driver’s license will be suspended or they will be denied the issuance of a driver’s license until the fine has been paid in full.

Expungement Rights

Juveniles may be eligible to have their records expunged after turning 21 years of age. There is a fee associated with this request. For more information, please contact the Court.