Contact Information






Chief of Police Chief John Stringer 281-422-8371
Administrative Assistant to the Chief   281-420-6642
Aide to the Chief Corporal Ernie Yznaga 281-420-6634

Legal Advisor/Internal Affairs

Legal Advisor Jerris Mapes 281-420-6507
Internal Affairs Investigator Corporal James Kerr 281-420-7183
Internal Affairs Investigator Detective Mike Farabee 281-420-5353

Logistics Bureau

Bureau Commander Asst. Chief Mike Holden 281-422-5152
Logistics Lieutenant Lieutenant Chris Rymer 281-425-1104

Crime Prevention Unit

Crime Prevention Administrative Assistant Ferni Greene-Small 281-422-5152
Crime Stoppers Analyst Mary Fixmer  
Crime Prevention Sergeant Sergeant John Butler  

Detention Division

Detention Lieutenant Lieutenant Chris Rymer 281-425-1104
Baytown Jail Main Number 281-425-1104

Records and Property Room Division

Open Records Request Main Number 281-420-6626
Property Room Main Number 281-420-6616

Front Desk

Community Service Officer Main Number 281-420-6622

Public Information Officer

Public Information Officer Sgt. John Butler 281-420-6619

Recruiting & Personnel

Corporal Shawn Latta 281-420-5374
Personnel Officer  Officer Ron Ellis 281-420-5374

Operations Bureau

Bureau Commander Asst. Chief Richard Whitaker 281-420-6622
Administrative Assistant / Sex Offender Registrar Estella Martin 281-420-6637

Patrol Supervisors

Patrol Sergeants and Lieutenants Main Number 281-420-6622
Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Unit Sergeant Lee Hendricks 281-420-0421
Traffic Enforcement Unit Sergeant Kevin Davis  

Investigations Division

Administrative Assistant Amanda Speegle 281-420-6646
Detective Lieutenant Lieutenant Rodney Evans 281-420-6617
Detective Sergeant (Persons Crimes) Sergeant Rene Hinojosa 281-420-7181
Detective Sergeant (Property, Financial, & Crimes Against Children) Sergeant Jason Kelly 281-420-6676

Special Operations Unit

Special Operations Lieutenant Lieutenant Rodney Evans 281-420-6617
Detective Sergeant Narcotics / Gangs 281-420-5856
Detective Sergeant Vice / Auto Theft 281-420-6632
Street Crimes Sergeant Dallas Bish 281-420-5824
Street Crimes Sergeant Aaron Crowell 281-420-5824

Crime Scene / Identification Unit

Detective Detective John Lunsford 281-420-6625
Detective Detective Shannon Hedger 281-420-6631

Planning Bureau

Bureau Commander Asst. Chief David Alford 281-420-6633
Support Services Lieutenant Lieutenant Shawn Fischer 281-420-6612
Accounting Technician Susan Freeman 281-420-6612

Fleet and Police Garage 

Fleet Lieutenant Shawn Fischer 281-420-6612
Garage Supervisor Main Number 281-420-6651

Training Division

Training Administrative Assistant Maria Alcantar 281-425-1028
Training Coordinator Lieutenant Joe Martin 281-425-1029
Training Sergeant Sergeant Christopher Gaskins 281-425-1028
Range Officer / Instructor Corporal Shawn Latta 281-420-5374

Analysis Unit

Crime Analyst Tim Carter 281-420-6639

Victim Services Unit

Coordinator and Case Worker Cheryl McClarity 281-425-1051
Case Worker Paulina Carrillo 281-425-1050