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Each summer Wade Into Wetlands Summer Science Camp attracts students from grades one through ten for week-long, fun-filled learning experiences with offsite educational field trips. Wetlands Winter Camp is offered for students in grades one through three during winter break and Spring Into Nature Spring Break Camp is popular with students in grades four through six during the week-long break in March.

This summer's Wade Into Wetlands Summer Science Camp is June 6 through August 5 for students entering grades 1-10 in the fall. Full-day camps are offered at the Eddie V. Gray Wetlands Education Center for $150 per week. Half-day camps at the Baytown Nature Center are $75 per week. Academic and financial-need scholarships are available. Scholarship applications, with supporting documentation, and a teacher recommendation for the academic scholarship, must be submitted before registering. Completed forms may be dropped off at the Wetlands Education Center at 1724 Market Street, Baytown TX, 77520, or emailed to Online registration and information can be found here. Registration begins Tuesday, March 1.

Spring Into Nature Spring Break Camp: Do You Believe in Magic? is March 7-11, 2022 from 8 am - 4 pm each day. The fee for the camp is $150. You've been accepted into Wetlands School of magic. Join us for a week of awe inspiring potions, animal encounters, and house challenges as we discover the science of magic! Online registration and information can be found here.

Wetlands Winter Camp is December 20-22, 2021 from 8am-4pm each day. This year's theme is "Let it Snow." The fee for the camp is $90. Discover animal adaptations for living in the cold and how we impact their habitat from right here in Texas. Conclude camp by enjoying snow just like penguins! Registration begins December 1. 

Wade Into Wetlands Summer Science Camp 2022

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Eddie V. Gray Wetlands Center: Cost $150/camp 8am-4pm

1st - 3rd Grades 

  • June 20-24  Ecosystem Explorers: Take a journey with us as we explore different ecosystems from around the world! Discover the different animals, plants, and more that make each one unique.
  • July 11-15 Flap, Flutter, Fly: Mesmerized by wings? Then explore bats, butterflies, birds, and more in this week long camp filled with wings.
  • August 1-5 Artistic Animals: Do you feel the need to be a little crafty? Then take a walk on the creative side! Join us for an exciting week of nature based arts and crafts.

4th-6th Grades

  • June 6-10 Blast from the Past: Ever wondered how the first settlers of Texas lived off the land? Spend the week learning how to milk farm animals, churn butter, play pioneer games, and so much more!
  • June 27– July 1 Fishing Frenzy: Grab a pole and some bait! We’re going fishing. Learn fish biology, techniques, sportsmanship, ethics and safety. Campers earn a TPWD Angler pin by attending this camp.
  • July 18-22 Splash!!!Water is the most magical substance on earth. Join us as we discover water’s properties and how it makes life on earth possible in this week long exploration of water! 

7th-10th Grades

  • June 13-17 The Great Outdoors: Ready to get outside and have some fun? This camp combines all of our favorite outdoor activities into one adventure. Be prepared to stay active as we try out each of these activities in a fun filled physically active week.
  • July 5-8 To Infinity and Beyond: The stars at night are big and bright...deep in the heart of Texas! Join us as we discover the night sky through fun field trips, challenges, and a campout! This camp will meet Tuesday and Wednesday from 8am-4pm and Thursday though Friday from 12pm-12pm.
  • July 25-29 Geology RocksUnearth your inner "rock star" studying geology. Learn all about the earth's rocky past through science experiments, outside exploration and fun field trips.

Baytown Nature Center: Cost $75/camp 8am-12pm

1st - 3rd Grades 

  • June 6-10  Dig It: Dig into the science of plants! Learn how plants grow, what grows in our area, and how to harvest fruit, vegetables, and flowers.
  • June 27- July 1 Get Buggy!: Campers will explore the wonderful world of insects. What is a bug? What is an insect? What do they eat? Join us for a week of collecting and identifying the smallest inhabitant of the Nature Center.
  • July 18-22 Young Naturalists: Spend the week becoming a naturalist! Go birding and fishing, learn how to identify insects, fish and plants, and have a great time learning about the environment.

4th-6th Grades

  • June 13-17 Crazy for BirdsDid you know that the nature Center is on the Great Texas Coastal Birding Trail? Learn all about our feathered friends that call Baytown home, how to attract birds to your yard, and why birds are so important!
  • July 11-15 Natural Artists: Spend the week tapping into your inner artist creating beautiful masterpieces with things found in nature.

7th-10th Grades

  • June 20-14 Wilderness Survival: Do you have what it takes to survive in the wild? Can you make a shelter and prepare food? This week campers will learn how to collect drinking water, make a fire safely, build a shelter and more!

Baytown Community Center $75/Camp 8am-12pm and $150/Camp 8am-4pm

4th-6th Grades

  • June 20-24 Dissecting Sports 8am-12pm: What do friction and force have to do with soccer and softball? How does gravity influence exercise and movement? These questions and so much more will be answered in this FUN, action-packed STEM sports camp.

7th-10th Grades

  • June 6-10 Parks, Playgrounds, and Pirates 8am-4pm: Do you like nature? Sports? Planning Community events? Using big machinery for your day-to-day job? Helping to operate a water park? This camp introduces campers to the WIDE variety of jobs that the Baytown Parks and Recreation divisions do. Enjoy fun field trips and hands-on lessons including trips to area parks, kayaking, and Pirates Bay.

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