Citizens On Patrol

The City of Baytown’s Citizens On Patrol (COP) program works to improve safety in Baytown by providing assistance to the Police Department.  Members of the Citizens On Patrol are trained volunteers who actively serve the community and increase cooperation between citizens and police officers.

In cooperation with officers of the department, the Citizens On Patrol provide the following services to the community:

  • Security patrol of the City’s Parks
  • Security patrol of the City’s hike and bike trails
  • Neighborhood watch patrols
  • Handicap Parking Enforcement
  • Traffic direction and control
  • Abandoned Vehicle Enforcement
  • Information and citizen assistance at community events

Citizens On Patrol Provide Proven Results

Here are just a few of the areas showing improvement due to the involvement of the Citizens on Patrol:

  • Increased public presence to deter crime
  • Increased awareness among citizens within a neighborhood
  • Increased quality of life and safer environment for all neighborhood residents 

Citizens On Patrol provides:

  • Citizens with an active means to make a difference in their communities.
  • Increased cooperation between citizens and police officers.
  • Assistance to the Police Department through additional observation and reporting.
  • Increased code enforcement.
  • Increased public presence in the neighborhood as a means of deterring crime.

Residents interested in participating in the Citizens On Patrol program must attend and complete the 10-week Citizens Police Academy.  Graduation from the Citizen Police Academy is a requirement to participate in the Citizens on Patrol program.