Revitalization Incentive Zone (RIZ)

Fee Waivers and City Tax Refunds

The City of Baytown is offering waived permit/impact fees and tax refunds on qualified construction improvements or new construction in you area. The goal of the RIZ program is to promote economic development, encourage the rehabilitation of affordable housing and stimulate an increase in property values. 

How Do I Qualify?

  • Property must be in the RIZ boundary
  • New construction
  • Improvements on an existing structure

What Do I Need To Qualify?

  1. Proof of ownership with a deed or warranty deed.
  2. Work to be completed such as:
    • Floor Plan
    • Site Plan or;
    • Written detailed project description
  3. Itemized Budget Sheet

How Can This Program Help Me?

  1. Permit Fees Waived
    • Building Permit
    • Electrical Permit
    • Plumbing Permit
    • Mechanical Permit
    • Miscellaneous Permit
    • Plan Review Fees
  2. Impact Fees Waived
  3. Yearly City Taxes Refund (up to 5 years)

How to Apply & More Information

To apply for this program visit the Citizen Self Service page, and search for "RIZ"

Required documentation will be needed when submitting an online application.

If you need assistance on how to submit an online application, please email Emilio Levario