Request an Inspection

Personnel from the Fire Marshal’s Office perform fire and life safety inspections for all commercial businesses within the city limits of Baytown, as well as private Day Care facilities and Foster homes that require an annual license from the State.

They also inspect the installations of all fire suppression systems including fire sprinkler systems, fire alarm systems, commercial kitchen hood suppression systems, as well as fuel tank removal / installations, and the use of tar pots for roofing operations.

You may contact the Fire Marshal’s Office to schedule an inspection. Here is a copy of the Baytown Fire Marshal's Fee Schedule (PDF)


Below are the various applications necessary to be filled out when requesting a fire inspection:

  • Certificate of Occupancy – This inspection is part of your Building permit process.
  • Fire Systems Inspection - Fire alarms, Fire Sprinkler systems, Underground Fire line, Kitchen Hood Suppression systems, and fuel tank removal/installation 
  • Fire and Life Safety Inspections - this is an application for the annual renewal licenses for hospitals, nursing homes, day care facilities, foster homes, and Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC) License. This application is also used for contractors performing roofing operations using tar pots.
  • Traveling Circuses and Carnivals Inspections - Circus and Carnival Permit
  • Outdoor Event / Temporary Food Vendors Permit - For all outdoor event booths that may use a generator and all temporary food vendors’ booths. For a copy of the Fire Marshal's Hand Out for Temporary Permits.
  • Mobile Food Truck Permit - Mobile Food Vehicles (MFV’s) equipped with a gasoline, diesel or electric generator, propane or compressed natural gas, Type I exhaust hood with or without a fire suppression system, or a solid fueled cooking device shall be inspected by the Fire Department after each set-up or at least annually.

View all permit and application license applications

Inspection Checklist

Below is a list of checklist to assist an individual in gaining all of the information that will be required: