Information Technology Services

About the Department

The Information Technology prides itself in helping the city employees with the best technical support to provide the best services to our city residents. As has become a bigger part of our day to day business transactions, we are constantly looking and learning of about software and technology that best fills the void of the employee needs.

Responsibilities and Services

The Information Technology Services (ITS) Department has the responsibility of effectively administering all enterprise information technology throughout the City. ITS is responsible for the computers, cellular telephones, 2-way radios, and voice-over-ip (VoIP) telephone system for all City departments. ITS assists those departments in providing quality services to the community through the utilization of effective systems. 


  • Provide exceptional customer service to all City departments
  • Provide hardware and software expertise to all City departments to maintain a highly productive workplace
  • Ensure all enterprise services are fit for use and purpose
  • Expand knowledge of, and partnerships with, other public entities in the greater Houston area.