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Jan 31

Barkaloo Residents: Your Questions Answered

Posted on January 31, 2024 at 2:52 PM by Jason Calder

Barkaloo ResidentsYour Questions Answered Today, Not Tomorrow

It is the City of Baytown’s goal to provide you with the most accurate and updated information, regardless of topic or situation. We are committed to being your source for City news, providing residents accurate and complete details, without threats or limitations.

If you read the newspaper’s article involving Barkaloo Road residents who were requesting disannexation from the City of Baytown, we said we would provide a thorough response to the community’s questions regarding this issue. While the City was not given a reasonable amount of time previously to answer questions in the article, we are answering them as promised.

It is important to note that some people quoted in a recent newspaper article, a Barkaloo resident and another resident who does not live in the neighborhood, have discussed this topic with current City leadership. They were provided answers in July 2023.

City Services

Barkaloo Road residents who were annexed in 2017 have City services, except for water and sewer at this time. Available services include solid waste, police, fire, code enforcement, building permits, voting, birth certificates, death certificates, and have access to the Library and Parks and Recreation. Creating infrastructure to provide water and sewer services are under review.

Residents and Taxes

The properties that have been annexed are taxed. The only services that are not taxed are water and sewer services. Those are not provided at this time.

Emergency Services

In an emergency, residents should call 911. Like mentioned above, police and fire services are provided. We updated the training with our dispatch team in the middle of 2023 to better identify portions of Baytown that are within the city limits and ETJ.


Residents who live in the neighborhood in question, vote in District 4. Voters can cast their ballots in council and mayoral elections. Harris County is responsible for the elections. The City’s role is to sign off on the spreadsheet that is sent from Harris County. The City has found discrepancies between the Harris County rolls and what the City’s map system shows. This was fixed in 2023 and we have a new process to ensure that all updates with annexations are appropriately captured in our systems, across all departments.

The City of Baytown remains committed to providing services to all residents. For more information on your district or other services, visit other pages on