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Fire Department Forms

  1. Baytown Custodial Residential Care and Living Permit Application
  2. Baytown Fire Training Field - Rental Quote Request
  3. Fire Station Tour

    This is a request form to schedule a fire station tour.

  4. Knox HomeBox Loan Program Application

    Application for the 90-Day Loan Program

  5. Smoke Detector Application

    This application is for residents who would like to request the fire department to install a free smoke detector in their home.

  1. Baytown Fire Department Complaint Form

    Citizens' complaint form utilized by the fire department to follow Texas Local Government Code 614

  2. Customer Satisfaction Survey

    Survey to be filled out by citizens

  3. Job Mailing List
  4. Permitting Procedure for Private Ambulance Service

    The proposed ambulance permitting procedure is essentially a form of registration for private ambulances wishing to operate in the... More…

    • To ensure that the Fire Department is aware of all private ambulance services operating in the City, by requiring the private ambulance companies to register with the Fire Department.
    • To ensure that all private ambulance services operating in the City have been appraised of the City ambulance ordinance, by distributing and reviewing the ordinance at the time of registration.
    • To ensure that the Fire Department has contact numbers and names for the private ambulance service, so that the Public Safety Communications Division may call the service in the event of an emergency and so that the Fire Department may contact the service in the event of a citizen complaint or for an inspection.